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About us

Welcome to “Small Beings — Big Responsibility”, an initiative launched by Jörn and Patrick.

“Small Beings - Big Responsibility” is one of many stories for a healthy, descendant-friendly earth told by beyond content GmbH

Jörn Paessler

A passionate environmentalist and gifted photographer. Jörn has discovered his love of macro photography in recent years and uses it to show the beauty and impact of small creatures. With his camera at the ready, he explores nature to catch the fascinating stories of its smallest inhabitants. It is Jörn’s mission to use visual and narrative content to raise awareness of environmental protection and inspire action. In addition to the “Little Beings” project, you can read, hear, and see a lot from Jörn through his work at beyond content, where, together with Patrick Niedermayer, he shares stories for a healthy, descendant-friendly earth.

Photo courtesy of Judith Ziegenthaler, Dresden –

Patrick Gebhardt

A copywriter and press consultant with a passion for climate activism. Patrick supports the project with words that emphasize the importance and beauty of the small beings that Jörn captures. Together they form a creative team that aims to achieve a positive change in environmental awareness through their work. With his work, Patrick wants to show what hidden, unsuspected, unknown worlds lie behind what we think we know.

The origin of this project

More about the background and history can be found here.

Further Information

History and Background
Learn how this project came about and how Jörn’s photographic art and Patrick’s storytelling combine to tell the story of the value of life.
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