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History and Background

The story of “Small Beings — Big Responsibility” begins with Jörn, who discovered his passion for macro photography due to the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic. From 2020 onwards, he slowly swapped his interest in architecture and vast landscapes for the unknown world right on his doorstep. In the process, Jörn developed a deep fascination for the tiny but impressive creatures that live right around us. A first realization: fascinating things are sometimes so close.

Jörn’s journey into macro photography was not just a technical challenge; it became an emotional experience. With his Sony 𝛂7R v in hand, Jörn soon wanted not only to capture the sharp details of insect eyes, but to create expressive compositions that would carry and convey a story. The reactions of friends and family to Jörn’s pictures were mixed and ranged from fascination (”Look at those filigree compound eyes; simply incredible!”) to reserved skepticism (”Oh no, not another one of those gross bugs”).

Difficulties in identifying the species quickly led Jörn to citizen science projects and other scientific resources. Reading Dave Goulson’s “Silent Earth” deepened Jörn’s understanding of the acute loss of biodiversity. Working with Patrick Gebhardt, the project “Small Beings — Big Responsibility” was born.

Jörn developed a process to turn a one-off encounter into a “sighting” and an image into a story. The core of his work, as you can see in more detail below, was divided into 3 main phases: the careful sighting and recording of the small creatures, the identification of the species using, and finally the publication of the discoveries, often using as the source of information.

However, rather than creating an illustrated encyclopedia, Patrick’s mission is to give the little creatures an individual voice. In the collaboration, Patrick focuses on bringing the unknown or often overlooked into the spotlight through personal and touching narratives. Patrick believes that compassion and protection are only possible through understanding. Even if we don’t know exactly what goes on inside small creatures, we can assume that there is a consciousness and possibly even feelings.

Jörn and Patrick’s aim with “Small Beings — Big Responsibility” is to raise awareness of the importance, beauty, and need for protection of arthropods. With an impressive mix of artistic photography, touching stories, and sound scientific information, this initiative perfectly complements the beyond content portfolio. It emphasizes the need for healthy biodiversity and dedicated arthropod conservation — as a solid foundation for a healthy, descendant-friendly earth.

  1. 1. Sighting and photography


    After the trigger has been pressed

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  2. 2. Determination of the sighting


    Which animal species, family and genus is it?

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  3. 3. Publish sighting


    How to get a new sighting on

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