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  1. The Arthropods' Weekly Bulletin/

Dating site

·2 mins

Gabriel Glowworm is standing there with a surprised smile, looking at a billboard promoting an insect dating service. Two “Common Red Soldier Beetle”, obviously a couple newly in love, are looking down from the ad.

Gabriel can’t help but smile at the thought of how times have changed. It used to be so easy for a glowworm like him to find a partner: A quick flash in the dark was all it took and you were almost guaranteed your next date.

But today’s nights are like a colorful disco ball, full of confusing lights. How is a glowworm supposed to find its true love in this maze? Then there are the modern LED lights — people are delighted with their energy efficiency — but for Gabriel and his fellow glowworms, they are a magnet of confusion, pulling them aimlessly from one light to the next.

Gabriel is still standing there, shaking his head in amusement. Red soft-bodied beetles as advertising images for a dating service? These beetles enjoy the sunlight and know nothing of the nocturnal confusion that Gabriel and his friends go through.

But despite the chaotic nights, Gabriel remains an optimist. Somewhere between the bright lights and the blinding LEDs, his glowworm happiness could be waiting for him. Or maybe he should just sign up for the dating service — if it works for the soft bugs, why not for him too?