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  1. The Arthropods' Weekly Bulletin/

In my web

·2 mins

I, Natalie the cucumber green spider, live in a small, hidden corner of the coniferous forest, where the sunlight breaks through the dense branches and bathes the world in a green glow. My home is an artfully woven web, shimmering and almost invisible.

I am barely six millimetres tall, with a shiny yellowish-green abdomen covered in dark indentations, and lead a humble but happy life. I spend my days in my web, which I have skillfully constructed in trees and bushes, usually consisting of 20 to 30 rays.

I am a simple inhabitant of this haven. My web is my home and a reflection of my soul. Every string, every spiral, is a part of me. But despite my good fortune, I am sometimes filled with sadness. People… they don’t understand me. They see me and are frightened or disgusted by me. All I want to do is get close to them, they are so fascinating. I think of the countless moments when I have watched people wandering through the forest, their voices a soft murmur under the trees. I want to show them that I am not to be feared, that I am a part of this beautiful world, just like them.

My everyday life is sometimes monotonous, sometimes very exciting. July is particularly busy. I then lay up to three egg cocoons, close to my net. There are around 140 to 160 eggs in each cocoon. It’s my way of passing on life, of starting my own family. And when fall comes, I transform. My coloration changes to a rich red or brown, perfectly camouflaged in the colorful surroundings. It’s as if I’m dancing with the needles and grasses.

My story is one of many in the forest, but I believe it stands for much more. It is a symbol of the misunderstandings and fears that humans have towards us smaller beings. I just want to show that we are a valuable part of the ecosystem.

In the depths of the forest, in the soft light that falls through the branches, I continue to weave my net, my symbol of hope and life. I dream that one day people will understand me and see my true beauty.